Looking into my palms, did I know, All I could hold was few,

My heart just flew,

And my brain can only be true…

All in the heavens did I search for clue,

Of what did I have,

But all I got was a name called MAD

My sorrows, weighing me down,

I may have looked like a clown..

But trust me, I am still missing the heart that was mine.

I thought it was a break up sorrow,

But it was deeper than a rabbit’s burrow..

Where am I?

Where did I go?

Smiling faces, in left and right,

Giving me false hopes all they might,

But I know that what was gone will never come back..

And it has become year five,

Oh my my!!

What mess have I made with myself?

Still searching for the one,

That might have accidentally got my lost heart!!



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