In-vigiilis nox

It was a night of fall,

Blankets wrapped up all around. People snoring heavily, into the coziness of the warmth. And here am I, tossing and turning unable to sleep. Blankets covering me, except some of my feet and face. Even they seemed to be sound asleep. No squeak of squirrels, no chirp of bird, everything the mysterious darkness did, to put me asleep had gone useless. Am I searching for something?? Or is it my soul? Is it because of the horror movie I saw?? Or the anxiety of a loved one’s death? My eyes died to close shut, but my brain wouldn’t stop. It wanted to find the reason, because it was chaotic. I tried counting from 1-100 and back again!! Tried calling Gods to let me sleep, checked the clock and tried to sleep but it made me much more tired. What had happened to my? Why am I stressed up? Sleepless nights? Or brain’s fights? Was I insomniac? I turned right to see my dad sound asleep. And left to see my mom still in deeper sleep. Was I guilty? Should I go read? Or play some random game? But at 12 a.m.? I tried the sheep mantra. It proved a failure again. All the things around me were helpless and like a prisoner who lost his bail, I was wrapped up like a sushi ball in my blanket, not even daring to move.

I waited and waited, time moved to 1 a.m.,2 a.m., 3 a.m. and atlast 4.20 a.m. my mum was up! I just lay there with eyes closed making her think I was sleeping, I got up and quenched the thirst of my lungs and throat and went back into the blanket,which was now awake, ensured I had a 3 hour sleep at the max.


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