Tract #2: Pillage

The icy blizzard that heaved down the entire north slowed it’s pace after weeks of heavy snowfall. Parched, starving citymen trudging through, weaker by each step, searching for any signs of open store that could fill their rumbling stomachs. Rushing towards the glowing light and jingling bells, that welcomes citymen during routine. Pacing ahead as fast as they could, their ears hearing a warning sign, loud thumps over the snow, and hands that clutch guns of all sizes. Rumbles getting loud and thumps louder. When the hand touched the icy cold metallic door knob, icy cold hearts drew out the tucked in guns and placed it on the victorious hands that shivered due to pain and frustration. As time progressed the door knob opened, keepers of icy hearts barged in, kicked the seller out and pillaged all stock present, whatsoever . No mouth complained, no eye looked up, or eyebrow wrinkled;

Because the war that caused such a blizzard still had to quench it’s thirst.

viaDaily Prompt: Pillage


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