Tract #3: The one who baths in ashes

Everything seemed dark, both from the inside and on the outside. Cold winds blowing from the West to East, still causing no shake or shiver. Perched upon the icy mountain top of Himalayas, his abode being Kailash. Eyes closed and focused on something extraordinary. “Who was he?”, did the tribal men squirm of discomfort. Whereas the women were fangirling him, this sudden stranger, who looked much handsome in comparison to the tribal men. He remained silent throughout, each day did they come to check on him, their excitement increasing as time passed by, each second going swiftly, his hairs gently swaying as the breeze engulfed him each time. The girls took turns to see him, contesting on who’s face he would first open his petal like eyes to. The girls of the tribe would gather wool from their sheep and hand weave it into a scarf just to cover him up to prevent him from catching some fever. One day, the all awaited eyes opened up, sparkling like clear water that flowed through a brook, surrounded by young girls with expression of awe and young men with pure hatred, elders with a feeling of enlightenment and kids with joy of welcoming a new tribe man. Through his chocolate brown eyes and the sparkle in it, everyone knew he was exceptional, an entity that was of a different world. None felt any harm or fear, only heat radiated through his eyes, that overlapped all the strong, icy winds. The list of questions that they had prepared to ask him, thought about during his weeks of stay had all vanished in a second. Tiger skin covering his waist down till his knees still felt fresh and served its purpose correctly, there appeared a waning moon on his matted haira little fountain like water pouring back but not even one of his matted hair strand got wet. He got up from his place, with ease and proceeded towards the south down, not even waving a goodbye to the tribe, yet none felt sad or unfulfilled. All happy and silent, hearts swollen and better tuned. From then on, nobody uttered any harsh word and spoke less and expressed more, his magic, even after his disappearance had a stronger pull on the tribe and they had found ultimate peace,

But where was he?


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