International women’s week!

” she maybe one among guys, and they may be one among her…..”

First of all, I would like to wish you all, belated happy women’s day! I know, I know, I’m late. But I feel this is the right time some of us would take time to read such a post as, maybe the entire WordPress site is filled with women’s day posts.

Woman- a word, that means softness, compassion, kindness, blush, flowers, water and other happy, soft natured things. But if you are a woman, you’re probably going, “Really?” I understand that, because as a woman, I feel the same. As an Indian dynamic youngster, womanhood means many different things to me, but the society I live in, thinks differently. A woman, if you search online, “A man’s girlfriend, lover or wife” is one among the definitions and if you choose to look at pictures, you would find pics of models, who are posing sexily, exposing their back, pouting, or maybe even breasts 😂! The funniest part is finding that adolescent guys look in with the query, “name for woman’s chest”, nowadays being a woman means taking perfect selfies(without filters), having a thigh gap, and having full breasts and butts. Seriously world? What’s wrong with you? Okay, let’s leave it and come back to this later. If you search for wallpaper for girls, you will see all kinds of pink, coffee cups, ribbons, rainbows, cartoon characters, flowers and I’m a princess quotes. If a woman swears, she becomes a whore and if she loves someone she becomes a slut, if she chooses to argue over something wrong she becomes a bitch. If she studies a lot, she becomes a nerd, if she debates well she becomes an arrogant girl and if she doesn’t study, she becomes illiterate bitch and suppose if she doesn’t fight or argue she becomes weak and fragile.

There are a tonne of feminists over here, who just rant over some very popular issue but gets drooly if sex tape is released rather than protecting that female. Still, we can find women here, who blame the girl for getting raped and force her to get married if she reaches 23+ of age. We can still see mothers who ask their girls to cover up and pat their son’s back if he had been laid.

A woman is a human being who is strong, though she gets minimal credit for it; is powerful, though she decides to follow; is lovable, though she argues; and can burn someone easily, though she doesn’t and remains quiet and dies within herself. Flowers aren’t always able to represent woman but she loves them. Women love other colors much more than ‘pink’. All women don’t like coffee and messy buns don’t suit everyone. Selfies are idiotic, we know that but we pose like silly geese for it, and don’t always look like divas. We don’t have bigger, rounder and fuller lips, or breasts or butts(no thigh gap). All of us don’t wear makeup. We go through many more struggles, than men. Not do all of us love playguys. It’s tough to walk with confidence in a place where even women judge other women. We get more depressed, anxious and mood swings than you people, but not do those always mean we are in our period. We feel the same pain when we get hit, or struck by a knife or bitten. Then why do you classify us as the weaker sex? We can lift weights and build our bodies with highly packed muscles( and nerves seen). We can murder and shoot and play baseball and football and volleyball and even wrestly and kickbox. Why are we still the fragile ones? We study alot and even abroad, we travel by ourselves, stay by ourselves, remain single, pay our own tuition and rent and work 24/7. Why are we still the dependant ones?

When there are women suffering from crimes, where do these feminists go? Until an issue gets blown up, why do they remain silent? Why don’t many girls and women fight against bullies but decide to reduce their self love because of it? Who will teach us about sexual, physical al and verbal abuse at a small age to encourage us to come up soon?

Nothing of these sort is done, but women’s day is celebrated online. Everyone are respected in facebook ,snapchat, WhatsApp and other mediums but, catcalled, howled and whistled at when she crosses them.

The achievement of women’s day is yet to be made. A complete change is yet to be witnessed before widespread celebration of nothing but online wishes.

The world needs us to prove ourselves. Give your best from this women’s day week and make sure you have something great to celebrate next year that you feel proud of as a woman or as a group of women. Take an oath and run this race female!! You are yet to reach the destination!

Take care, until then,

A floating petal


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