Hey there…
Oh, can you wait..
A few secs, a few minutes please?
Or would you not?
Please don’t go,
My heart, my breath is taking a toll on mee ..
This path.. right there,
Have I sprinted across everytime.
Waiting for you….
Yes, you!
The dew drops,
On the grass..
Aren’t really dew,
But the nervous tears of my shoes,
Oh, it’s just a few.
Everyday I come along,
To catch a good glimpse of you,
Hiding away behind the swing,
Which still seems new..
Oh god, it’s just awkward…
I’m sorry for this..
But would you be polite..
To take me as your friend!!???

I was here,
Standing very near,
Your lean little friend,
Who guides your every life move!!
He hit me,
And I clung onto to stone,
Of the fountain, right here..
Where the kids led you to!
The one made up of marble,
A stone stronger than my guts!
I would smile,
As they would tie your eyes..
Giggles that don’t trust easy,
And hide behind squishy..
Little flowers!
Dumb of me, or them?
Your friend would find them easily,
But you’d smile and walk away as if…
Your eyes were still in darkness.
But, would you be polite?
To take me as your friend!!!

Then I saw you across the gushing waters,
Of the newly built pond,
Already rich with the sound,
Of young, and pink ducklings!!
Each of them flappy,
As you’d open your pocket of crisps,
That you’d daily buy them from your trips,
To the patisserie…
Your friend stopping you,
Just before reaching the wetland…
And yet I’d remain quiet,
To hear your laughter,
Echo across the mountains,
And plains and plateaus..
But would you be polite?
To take me as your friend!!

I walk with you every morning and night,
Like a shadow dancing with the light..
Now here am I,
Before you!
But would you be polite?
To take me as your friend,
And let me bring you to this world of light,
That you’ve been missing all from birth..
And yet you act so casually,
And dance along darkness..
Not minding any mess…
I can help you replace your little lean friend..
Maybe, I can add some humanity!
But would you be so kind!
To take me as your friend????


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