Critique #1 : Mrs.Funnybones

On the first evening of 2017, I sit down to write something on my blog, that’s usually filled with at least one post. Today I am up for a book review, yeah, you heard right!! The book that I recently completed is: ‘Mrs.Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna’

A book appreciated for its hilarious depiction of Indian society, mainly the Saasu-maas(mother in laws) and a prodigal son and a baby daughter. Being born in a renowned family and being married to a top class actor, the book gives us an insight of how the celebrity life is and how the ever-so-mom-of-lame-jokes tackles them.

Starting from diet fails to mom’s embarrassing stories of her childhood to being poured milkshake on, during a festivity is not exactly how we may think a celebrity life is. She draws a very smooth line between being sarcastic and expelling the inbuilt anger.

She erases all the questions that the paparazzi and fangirls have through this very simple book, that’s not only easily understandable but also very entertaining.

Her tips on how to stop the snores of your spouse makes you laugh and then realise it’s actually experimented on Mr.Akshay Kumar.

I would give this book a good 4 1/2 stars, and half the star taken away because sometimes her jokes are pretty lame( like how the prodigal son says).

Ode #2: Ovation

Arouse on the carpeted floor,

That hided grass, moss and more.

Gleams up in shimmering light,

Making him proud that he’d take a flight.

When he set a foot on the wooden frame,

The heart that he had brought to tame.

Had swollen as big as a bus,

Exploding itself out and out and thus.

Up arose the crowd,

In shock and awe and pleasure that brew.

All pairs of hands,

That began to kiss each other heedlessly.

No notice of pain or noise,

No care about any poise.

Soon spread to all nation,

To give one of the best ingénue..

The loudest standing ovation.

via Daily Prompt: Ovation

Ode #1: Retreat

He lay there…
On the rocky path,
Of all,
Did he choose the highest bed,
No made of luxury,
Not even comfort,
With a worry of his mother’s soul..
Slowly did they walk,
His companions,
Who were better than him in aim,
But poorer than him in goal..

A gloomy sight to watch was it,
Not a single eye left to dry.
As did he try to wake,
From the slumber his bed brought to him,
Slow was it,
As dead as silent..
No one dared to move..
As he chose to rise up himself…
With bloodied hands,
That just held his heart.

Will he win, and get up and hoist,
His mother’s symbol on the barren land?
Or will he rot like just another soldier…
On the wars, that named them ‘Martyrs’



via Daily Prompt: Retreat

In-vigiilis nox

It was a night of fall,

Blankets wrapped up all around. People snoring heavily, into the coziness of the warmth. And here am I, tossing and turning unable to sleep. Blankets covering me, except some of my feet and face. Even they seemed to be sound asleep. No squeak of squirrels, no chirp of bird, everything the mysterious darkness did, to put me asleep had gone useless. Am I searching for something?? Or is it my soul? Is it because of the horror movie I saw?? Or the anxiety of a loved one’s death? My eyes died to close shut, but my brain wouldn’t stop. It wanted to find the reason, because it was chaotic. I tried counting from 1-100 and back again!! Tried calling Gods to let me sleep, checked the clock and tried to sleep but it made me much more tired. What had happened to my? Why am I stressed up? Sleepless nights? Or brain’s fights? Was I insomniac? I turned right to see my dad sound asleep. And left to see my mom still in deeper sleep. Was I guilty? Should I go read? Or play some random game? But at 12 a.m.? I tried the sheep mantra. It proved a failure again. All the things around me were helpless and like a prisoner who lost his bail, I was wrapped up like a sushi ball in my blanket, not even daring to move.

I waited and waited, time moved to 1 a.m.,2 a.m., 3 a.m. and atlast 4.20 a.m. my mum was up! I just lay there with eyes closed making her think I was sleeping, I got up and quenched the thirst of my lungs and throat and went back into the blanket,which was now awake, ensured I had a 3 hour sleep at the max.


Looking into my palms, did I know, All I could hold was few,

My heart just flew,

And my brain can only be true…

All in the heavens did I search for clue,

Of what did I have,

But all I got was a name called MAD

My sorrows, weighing me down,

I may have looked like a clown..

But trust me, I am still missing the heart that was mine.

I thought it was a break up sorrow,

But it was deeper than a rabbit’s burrow..

Where am I?

Where did I go?

Smiling faces, in left and right,

Giving me false hopes all they might,

But I know that what was gone will never come back..

And it has become year five,

Oh my my!!

What mess have I made with myself?

Still searching for the one,

That might have accidentally got my lost heart!!