Ode #5: Ripost

He stood near the foot of her bed,

Starting to stagger with the burden not said.

Waiting for the arrival of the medicine man,

And his very apologetic ambulance van.

Time ticked away,

As pain swallowed all of the warm water in the tray.

All of the ladies sitting before idols to pray,

Will god give way?

Sirens blew from all corners,

But her pain began to tear her.

Tears flowing from all eyes,

Quivering lips that recited prayers which were nice.

Knock Knock on the door,

The clock struck four.

Two men with caps, pushing in a stretcher,

To put in a lady who was almost having an abdominal fracture.

As the medicine man yells,

To roll it in fast,

Before her body falls.

Pushing her into the four wheeler,

With her man who was than the ambulance taller.

Leaving us with only a trace of hope and prayers.

Will this battle end any sooner ?



Ode #4: Morning misery

Tumbling and rolling around,

In the sheets that I was in bound.

Tightly clutching it to hide me eyes,

Trying to hide my overwhelming size.

But didn’t the modern rooster stop,

Kept up the awakening mop.

I had to wake up now,

Two roosters on planning my head mow.

One being electrical and other of a human form,

Can this get better anymore?

Tract #3: The one who baths in ashes

Everything seemed dark, both from the inside and on the outside. Cold winds blowing from the West to East, still causing no shake or shiver. Perched upon the icy mountain top of Himalayas, his abode being Kailash. Eyes closed and focused on something extraordinary. “Who was he?”, did the tribal men squirm of discomfort. Whereas the women were fangirling him, this sudden stranger, who looked much handsome in comparison to the tribal men. He remained silent throughout, each day did they come to check on him, their excitement increasing as time passed by, each second going swiftly, his hairs gently swaying as the breeze engulfed him each time. The girls took turns to see him, contesting on who’s face he would first open his petal like eyes to. The girls of the tribe would gather wool from their sheep and hand weave it into a scarf just to cover him up to prevent him from catching some fever. One day, the all awaited eyes opened up, sparkling like clear water that flowed through a brook, surrounded by young girls with expression of awe and young men with pure hatred, elders with a feeling of enlightenment and kids with joy of welcoming a new tribe man. Through his chocolate brown eyes and the sparkle in it, everyone knew he was exceptional, an entity that was of a different world. None felt any harm or fear, only heat radiated through his eyes, that overlapped all the strong, icy winds. The list of questions that they had prepared to ask him, thought about during his weeks of stay had all vanished in a second. Tiger skin covering his waist down till his knees still felt fresh and served its purpose correctly, there appeared a waning moon on his matted haira little fountain like water pouring back but not even one of his matted hair strand got wet. He got up from his place, with ease and proceeded towards the south down, not even waving a goodbye to the tribe, yet none felt sad or unfulfilled. All happy and silent, hearts swollen and better tuned. From then on, nobody uttered any harsh word and spoke less and expressed more, his magic, even after his disappearance had a stronger pull on the tribe and they had found ultimate peace,

But where was he?

Tract #2: Pillage

The icy blizzard that heaved down the entire north slowed it’s pace after weeks of heavy snowfall. Parched, starving citymen trudging through, weaker by each step, searching for any signs of open store that could fill their rumbling stomachs. Rushing towards the glowing light and jingling bells, that welcomes citymen during routine. Pacing ahead as fast as they could, their ears hearing a warning sign, loud thumps over the snow, and hands that clutch guns of all sizes. Rumbles getting loud and thumps louder. When the hand touched the icy cold metallic door knob, icy cold hearts drew out the tucked in guns and placed it on the victorious hands that shivered due to pain and frustration. As time progressed the door knob opened, keepers of icy hearts barged in, kicked the seller out and pillaged all stock present, whatsoever . No mouth complained, no eye looked up, or eyebrow wrinkled;

Because the war that caused such a blizzard still had to quench it’s thirst.

viaDaily Prompt: Pillage

Photo Tract #1: Path

As I was glancing around my news feed to check if my blogging could get a new challenge, my eyes came across this photo challenge, that was about “Path”. Immediately, my soul got connected to it and forced me to take this challenge up. So, here I am! The word path according to me mentions the way that we are moving towards, crossing many obstacles(hassles), watching the flowers that have bloomed on the sides of it( little happiness), bathing in the new seas found(experiences), meeting the ones that found their ultimate destination (successful people, elders and inspirations) and reaching ours with compassion, patience, self confidence and hard work. My year of 2016 definitely was one of the best ones, I met many fellow travellers, attained small destinations for some rest(resting phase after a victory), came across many obstacles, even fellow travellers sometimes turned into obstacles and regaining composure even though, it took some time, made me feel better. About my plans for the coming dear, 2017, I hope it helps me reach bigger and vast destinations that many enlightened travellers had come across. Getting a better knowledge about my path is a definite must, as everything I need to improve only gets fixated by knowing my path. I pray sincerely that most of the hassles of travellers in all paths get solved, reach it quicker, get better facilities and stay positive throughout.

Have a great year ahead images-3

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Ode #2: Ovation

Arouse on the carpeted floor,

That hided grass, moss and more.

Gleams up in shimmering light,

Making him proud that he’d take a flight.

When he set a foot on the wooden frame,

The heart that he had brought to tame.

Had swollen as big as a bus,

Exploding itself out and out and thus.

Up arose the crowd,

In shock and awe and pleasure that brew.

All pairs of hands,

That began to kiss each other heedlessly.

No notice of pain or noise,

No care about any poise.

Soon spread to all nation,

To give one of the best ingénue..

The loudest standing ovation.

via Daily Prompt: Ovation

Ode #1: Retreat

He lay there…
On the rocky path,
Of all,
Did he choose the highest bed,
No made of luxury,
Not even comfort,
With a worry of his mother’s soul..
Slowly did they walk,
His companions,
Who were better than him in aim,
But poorer than him in goal..

A gloomy sight to watch was it,
Not a single eye left to dry.
As did he try to wake,
From the slumber his bed brought to him,
Slow was it,
As dead as silent..
No one dared to move..
As he chose to rise up himself…
With bloodied hands,
That just held his heart.

Will he win, and get up and hoist,
His mother’s symbol on the barren land?
Or will he rot like just another soldier…
On the wars, that named them ‘Martyrs’



via Daily Prompt: Retreat

I saw her,
With whiskers,
Marching slowly towards her prey,
I saw her,
With the greenish gold eyes,
That were fixated on her stay.
I saw her,
Furry paws,
Slowly crawling over the grass,
I saw her,
Tinted pink ears,
Silencing all the meadows.
Where did i find you?
And where did you find me?
Was all a question mark…
But the day we did,

All we knew that you’re the goddess and Iam your ever empathetic milk woman.

In-vigiilis nox

It was a night of fall,

Blankets wrapped up all around. People snoring heavily, into the coziness of the warmth. And here am I, tossing and turning unable to sleep. Blankets covering me, except some of my feet and face. Even they seemed to be sound asleep. No squeak of squirrels, no chirp of bird, everything the mysterious darkness did, to put me asleep had gone useless. Am I searching for something?? Or is it my soul? Is it because of the horror movie I saw?? Or the anxiety of a loved one’s death? My eyes died to close shut, but my brain wouldn’t stop. It wanted to find the reason, because it was chaotic. I tried counting from 1-100 and back again!! Tried calling Gods to let me sleep, checked the clock and tried to sleep but it made me much more tired. What had happened to my? Why am I stressed up? Sleepless nights? Or brain’s fights? Was I insomniac? I turned right to see my dad sound asleep. And left to see my mom still in deeper sleep. Was I guilty? Should I go read? Or play some random game? But at 12 a.m.? I tried the sheep mantra. It proved a failure again. All the things around me were helpless and like a prisoner who lost his bail, I was wrapped up like a sushi ball in my blanket, not even daring to move.

I waited and waited, time moved to 1 a.m.,2 a.m., 3 a.m. and atlast 4.20 a.m. my mum was up! I just lay there with eyes closed making her think I was sleeping, I got up and quenched the thirst of my lungs and throat and went back into the blanket,which was now awake, ensured I had a 3 hour sleep at the max.


Looking into my palms, did I know, All I could hold was few,

My heart just flew,

And my brain can only be true…

All in the heavens did I search for clue,

Of what did I have,

But all I got was a name called MAD

My sorrows, weighing me down,

I may have looked like a clown..

But trust me, I am still missing the heart that was mine.

I thought it was a break up sorrow,

But it was deeper than a rabbit’s burrow..

Where am I?

Where did I go?

Smiling faces, in left and right,

Giving me false hopes all they might,

But I know that what was gone will never come back..

And it has become year five,

Oh my my!!

What mess have I made with myself?

Still searching for the one,

That might have accidentally got my lost heart!!