Tract #4: J for January

“It’s those last days that show us the beauty of moments spent happily”

It’s 31st December, the last day of the year. I don’t know why I am excited to meet 2017 but something tells me that life is about to change. Waking up to a year that’s going to get extinct by tomorrow, a chill runs across my spine. Like a new species will 2017 come into our lives, hugging through all our practice and by the same time next year, we would bid and give way for its extinction. Everything is magical about 2016, the new goals that started to affix themselves in everyone’s brains which were much clearer than the ones framed in the year before. New friends that our eyes and heart found, making us understand how time passes and the strength of old friendships. Pranks played in our lives and others through unnecessary words, silence and kinesics. Lessons learnt, big or small, valuable or not, happy or sad, there stayed in our brains, locked up in its memory garage. To be a little extra poetic, some milk milk turning into curd, and some curds turning into flavored yoghurt whereas some rotting into wastebins, so we’re our relationships and experience. But overall 2016 was surely great, for all, because we should start looking at stars and not at the dirt filled ground ¬†Happy new year ahead!!

Photo Tract #1: Path

As I was glancing around my news feed to check if my blogging could get a new challenge, my eyes came across this photo challenge, that was about “Path”. Immediately, my soul got connected to it and forced me to take this challenge up. So, here I am! The word path according to me mentions the way that we are moving towards, crossing many obstacles(hassles), watching the flowers that have bloomed on the sides of it( little happiness), bathing in the new seas found(experiences), meeting the ones that found their ultimate destination (successful people, elders and inspirations) and reaching ours with compassion, patience, self confidence and hard work. My year of 2016 definitely was one of the best ones, I met many fellow travellers, attained small destinations for some rest(resting phase after a victory), came across many obstacles, even fellow travellers sometimes turned into obstacles and regaining composure even though, it took some time, made me feel better. About my plans for the coming dear, 2017, I hope it helps me reach bigger and vast destinations that many enlightened travellers had come across. Getting a better knowledge about my path is a definite must, as everything I need to improve only gets fixated by knowing my path. I pray sincerely that most of the hassles of travellers in all paths get solved, reach it quicker, get better facilities and stay positive throughout.

Have a great year ahead images-3

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