‘as I moved closer, I spot the wound down under… This is not where I belong and this is not what I should be like…’

This is my heart, and the words that strongly pulsate throughout within my insides. Sadness and it’s depth kept increasing increasing, paving its path to depression.

Medicines, drugs, suicide, what not? Nothing worked. I missed someone, more of, something. Lost in tragedy my brain went numb. Nothing made sense, blood became a mere liquid and eyes just a tear emitting machine. Counseling, advice, quotes none made me smile,

Until that very second, I saw this beauty. She was independent, and open to all her thoughts, that were submerged deep within herself. None else were as deep as her. She matched the color of her friend, who joined her and completed her journey, yet she had no end. Many tried to complete her and replace her friend but none ever was successful. She seems different to each one of us, she gets angry and shows it up when she has taken more if it.

She was the ‘Ocean’. I saw her far ahead of my eyes, that made it glitter and flutter with happiness. None else gave my heart that place, that fondness. She enveloped me into her embrace when I touched her. She made me gulp for air, she made me long for more of my life. She was my love at first sight. She gave me thoughts that provoked my longing to live. The longing to love, and to embrace.

I was incomplete, and she had completed me. She took many forms- plains, plateaus, valleys, mountain tops, waterfalls, to even small plants, herbs and shrubs that fills the entirety.

Travelling has become my aim and that bloats up my passion to a million times. She has been my starting and will be my end. That’s where I got enlightened and got to know the purpose of my life,

“How did you understand your life’s passion? “

Ode #7: In the creative writing competition

I was standing there confused,

As the room seemed unwelcoming to a stranger who didn’t look profuse.

Eye-blinding light that reflected from somewhere..

For what seemed like a picture of a mare.

My eyes drifted to the metal desk,

Which was as lonely and empty as me.

My hands seemed desperate to touch the mare,

That was now a few inches closer than the distance i could stop to care.

Given a sheet of paper and a pen of ink blue,

“What should I write about?” I had no clue.

Should I throw the sheet away?

In a still position it lay.

My palm moving forward to put my brain’s thought,

On the beautiful white sheet, and the words it caught.

The teacher could spot the places my eyes roam,

But couldn’t what my brain did foam.

And before I could blink was given a book,

Before the audience who never knew how I looked….

Tract #4: J for January

“It’s those last days that show us the beauty of moments spent happily”

It’s 31st December, the last day of the year. I don’t know why I am excited to meet 2017 but something tells me that life is about to change. Waking up to a year that’s going to get extinct by tomorrow, a chill runs across my spine. Like a new species will 2017 come into our lives, hugging through all our practice and by the same time next year, we would bid and give way for its extinction. Everything is magical about 2016, the new goals that started to affix themselves in everyone’s brains which were much clearer than the ones framed in the year before. New friends that our eyes and heart found, making us understand how time passes and the strength of old friendships. Pranks played in our lives and others through unnecessary words, silence and kinesics. Lessons learnt, big or small, valuable or not, happy or sad, there stayed in our brains, locked up in its memory garage. To be a little extra poetic, some milk milk turning into curd, and some curds turning into flavored yoghurt whereas some rotting into wastebins, so we’re our relationships and experience. But overall 2016 was surely great, for all, because we should start looking at stars and not at the dirt filled ground ¬†Happy new year ahead!!

Ode #5: Ripost

He stood near the foot of her bed,

Starting to stagger with the burden not said.

Waiting for the arrival of the medicine man,

And his very apologetic ambulance van.

Time ticked away,

As pain swallowed all of the warm water in the tray.

All of the ladies sitting before idols to pray,

Will god give way?

Sirens blew from all corners,

But her pain began to tear her.

Tears flowing from all eyes,

Quivering lips that recited prayers which were nice.

Knock Knock on the door,

The clock struck four.

Two men with caps, pushing in a stretcher,

To put in a lady who was almost having an abdominal fracture.

As the medicine man yells,

To roll it in fast,

Before her body falls.

Pushing her into the four wheeler,

With her man who was than the ambulance taller.

Leaving us with only a trace of hope and prayers.

Will this battle end any sooner ?