Vision blinded by love,

Path trailed by your shadow,

Heart scarred by your words,

And trust scraped away by your lies.

Shortening life span,

Irreplaceable by man,

Drenched cheeks and parched throat,

No more can I stay afloat.

Moving on like an autumn leaf,

On a puddle, in a faraway desert.

Blades sharp,

And blood warped,

On the floor framing a heart,

With his initials, as its heart!

Lap-tap lap-tap..

Oh no!! What have I done..

I know it’s marked forever in my arm.

And I..

Love the mark, that still calls you, mine.

Though you have left me,

Before a train,

Waiting.. and waiting,

For the signal to turn green.



“……Life can meet love, and love may blow up happy living, but can only love do that?…”

She walked ahead like a doll, amidst the wet sand,

Her messy hair playing with the breeze like a child with a magical wand,

Hands stretched open and out, tearing the flowing wind.

Who was she? Here, at the earliest to be called a morning?

She wasn’t fat nor too skinny. Just a normal woman, no model like clothes or Nike sneakers. She wasn’t filthy, nor pure. Her clothes were loose, hanging over her shoulders and filled with breeze that hit it, seperating it away from her body. Missing were her demeanor of fitness challenges or Instagram posts but why did she have to be on the beach so early?

Serein dropping down slowly, and tenderly.. making her skin shine with blush red, chills running down her body and goosebumps popping up, still she was focussed on something ahead of her.

Her eyes held a blank stare,

And face with expression unaware.

Who was she?


‘ why do try to imitate the sky by changing their colors?’

He sat there,

Admiring his world,

His only life and affair.

She rested there as always,

In peace and warmth with his rays.

But his time had come to an end,

And his day took a bend.

It was his resting phase…

But he wanted to change his ways.

His love for her expanded alot,

As he swelled with longing to stay there itself.

Out came his partner,

Who would guard his love through the rough weather.

Pulling him down forcefully,

As the sun bled on the sky,

Spreading the beautiful color:


Hey you!

Hey you! Yes, you. Hi!! Uhm… Seems like you don’t remember me. But I do, how can I forget you? After all, you’ve done so much to me.

Remember the girl, with whom you used to speak all day, all night at the start of your university education? No, not Stella. No not Salma either. The girl whom you’d gift roses everytime you saw her. The girl you were crazy about!! Uh-oh I’m not Samantha, try harder. Do you remember the girl for whom you fought hard with your senior, and returned with bleeding nose and an unconscious opponent? You don’t remember any of that do you?

Oh, you want better clues? Okay. Do you remember that girl with whom your friends loved to play Xbox with? The girl who was set up a destination birthday celebration when she turned 18?

Okay I’ll give you the best clue:

Do you remember the girl, who you and your friends tied up on the table that should supposedly have her birthday presents? The girl that you people stripped out and killed all her confidence of being a girl? The girl whose body you people killed and let to rot, with smile and mocking laughter? The girl you thought would never return? The girl whose body you killed but didn’t stop with only that but proceeded to wipe your fingerprints off with rubbing alcohol, rubbing so much that her fragile body hurt, both inside and out!

Aaah, now a flash of memories flood your eyes. What a delightful look?! You see here? On the pram? These are my kids, I named him after you. You wanna know why? Because I want to raise a better version of you who is completely opposite to who you are. Bring him up with etiquettes that your mother didn’t teach you. The respect for the opposite sex she didn’t instigate within you. At first I was so broke, with so many nightmares, no place to live, no food to eat. Then came up a family, who offered me all that I missed, they called up my home and I returned back, not knowing that I had two little lives inside me. Little did I know where you people had gone. But I knew for sure that you had slashed my heart very very deep.

You changed me completely, a top rank student had gone without university life. Starting her own cafe. Getting so many kicks, while sleeping. But now, I’m thankful to you, that my life has gotten much sweeter. Even though they remind me of you,

I’m proud they wouldn’t be like me or you.